An old maxim says that love goes through the eyes, which justifies why a bright and colorful image attracts people’s attention.

When you’re looking for business, attracting attention is just what you want. Making your product look like a desirable object is the goal, and it’s necessary to edit its image to achieve it. Here you’ll find a brief list of the most popular tools to remove the background of an image and the necessary steps to do it. 

There are two ways to remove the background from your images. First, select the background image. Next, go to the Edit tab on your new web page and click on “Edit Background Image.” Then choose the “Remove Background” button. This makes your image transparent, allowing you to see only selected parts.


If you have ever tried to remove the background of your images for your new website design, you may be surprised to learn that this app isn’t the most effective. Instead, you should choose a file format that doesn’t have a solid background. PNG files, on the other hand, have transparent backgrounds. The problem is that Canva doesn’t do an excellent job removing these backgrounds, even though the software can download them in the proper format.

To use Canva’s background remover, you must have the Pro plan. This plan, previously known as Canva for Work, costs $9.95 a month. However, if you are not ready to commit to that kind of commitment, you can always try it out first to see if it works for you. However, you can always sign up for a free trial and test it yourself if you aren’t sure.

You can use Canva’s Background Remover to edit your images. You can either remove the background of a specific idea or all of the pictures on your website. To use Canva’s background remover, you must first upload an image on the Canva website. Then, open the image in Canva. Finally, click the Edit button on the top right-hand corner. If you need a different background image, you can download one from Canva’s premium section.

You can also crop photos in Canva. For example, you can cut a picture using the toolbar at the left of your design and drag it into a new frame. You can also adjust the image’s brightness, contrast, and sharpness using the logo creator toolbar. In addition, you can add eye-catching effects to your photos by using the vignette or shadow effect. For better results, crop the picture in Canva before you upload it.


If you are looking for a tool to remove the background of your images for your new web pages, InPixio is an excellent option. It uses an intelligent algorithm to remove the set of your images without losing the image’s quality. The tool is easy to use, and you can also make some adjustments to your pictures after removing the background. InPixio Photo Studio offers quick background removal with all the tools you need for professional images. The program is intuitive enough for even non-designers and provides a large selection of original backgrounds. It also allows you to add text or clipart to your images to enhance their appearance.

InPixio offers free and premium versions of its image editing software. Their remove background feature is free, and the software can be used for both desktop and mobile devices. InPixio’s free version lets you export high-resolution images for free. The program’s transparency option is excellent for highlighting specific objects in your pictures. However, it might take you a few tries to get a perfect image, so be patient and do not rush to make a decision.

Once you have selected your images, you can edit them or download the photos to edit. After editing one photo, you can revert your changes and begin work on another one. You can use the tool to create beautiful holiday photo montages, design your new web pages, and more. It’s easy to use and affordable, so you can try it for free!


PhotoScissors is a web app that lets you remove the background of any image. You can use it to remove the background from photos, and it also includes a transparent marker tool. In addition, it lets you know which areas to keep and which ones to remove. PhotoScissors also has built-in cropping options.

PhotoScissors is an effective tool for removing backgrounds from images. You can use it to edit and format your product photos and other photos for specific platforms. Its interface is not user-friendly, but it does its job. It’s best for editing pictures of products and other products. It’s also limited in size, which means you’ll need to make sure that you have a lot of free space on your computer to work with.

PhotoScissors has a wide range of options for working with images, including removing objects, people, and backgrounds. The program supports various image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. Its free trial offers three free backgrounds. PhotoScissors is available on both Mac and Windows platforms. Unlike Photoshop, PhotoScissors is free and requires no registration.

If you are looking for a quick way to remove the background of an image, PhotoScissors will do the job for you. This tool can handle complex images as well as semi-transparent objects like hair. Both free and premium versions are available for use. You can upload pictures and process them automatically. Afterward, you can fine-tune the results and save your background image as a PNG file.

While free tools are excellent for basic image editing, PhotoScissors can provide higher quality results than many free tools. For example, to remove the background of images, open them in the app and hover over the ‘Magic Clipper’ icon in the menu bar. Next, select the background and cut it out with the brush. Then, apply the changes. You can then swap the background to a different image and even move objects on your image to change their appearance. You can even swap backgrounds in PhotoScissors if you wish. And there’s no limit on the size of the picture – it supports a wide range of graphic formats.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the industry giant’s bet to gain followers among graphic design lovers, advertisers, web creators, influencers, and the general public.

Express boasts templates, fonts, effects, and efficient and easy-to-use tools, including one that allows you to remove the background of an image with a few clicks.

The premium version offers close to 100,000 templates, more elaborate tool features, logo creator utility, and other goodies that aesthetics lovers will undoubtedly find interesting.

According to the tool itself, removing the background of an image works best if the image to be highlighted has a clearly defined outline and there are no overlapping objects. Next, upload the image to the tool, automatically removing the background. A few moments later, after refining details, you can download it to save it or use Express’s resources available to you to edit it. 


When you want to remove the background of your images for your new website design, Slazzer can help you achieve this goal. The free version lets you preview the results at a small resolution, but you can upgrade to the paid version if you want the highest quality output. It also supports images of up to 25 megapixels. In addition, it offers mobile apps, a desktop application, and a plugin for design software such as Photoshop and WooCommerce.

There are many benefits to removing the background of your images. Using a subject selection tool makes your pictures look more professional and enhances the trustworthiness of your customers. In addition, with an improved online store, you can improve image capturing efficiency and minimize data preparation costs. Slazzer removes the background of your photos for your new web page design by dragging the white sections at the back. The result is a stunning, unified image that will add to the visual appeal of your site.

Slazzer is an AI-powered web-based image-editing service that uses patented algorithms to remove the background of your images automatically. It uses a fast AI engine that processes images in under a second per megapixel, and it’s designed to minimize the clipping rate. It works even on delicate objects, like photos. And if you’re unsure about which one will work best for your new web page design, don’t worry; Slazzer is here to help!

Slazzer allows you to change the background of your images with the click of a button. The AI-powered program works on photos with any background and removes it automatically – no manual pixel selection is required. The result is a perfectly customized design. Slazzer is ideal for individuals, web developers, and E-commerce sites. So you can unleash your inner creativity and use your new web page design to its fullest potential.

Whichever tool you decide to use, now the focus will be where it should be, on your product!