After looking at a large number of the web’s buttons and icons, we decided to stick with only these 4. Because there are so many different styles in this collection, it won’t be hard for you to select the one that best suits you.

You may also enhance their appearance and brand them in accordance with your company and website if you so choose. The impact of social sharing has the potential to bring about highly favourable outcomes.

Even in subfields that may not be all that popular on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, we’ve witnessed this phenomenon firsthand. You are free to share ANYTHING you want with the world with these social buttons powered by Bootstrap.

Bootstrap 4 Social Media Icons Footer

We’re offering a set of HTML5-based social sharing buttons that’s really little in size. A basic “sharing symbol” widget is provided for your website, but when you click on the widget, numerous social networking sites EXPAND to allow you to share information or advertise your own social media profiles.


Login With 15 Social Buttons (Bootstrap 4 Version)

The collection of brand and social media icons known as Bootstrap Icons may be found here. And some of the most well-known symbols are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and LinkedIn. These symbols can be utilized by us in the production of social media icons for usage on websites. Using different css styles, we are able to personalize these symbols to better suit our requirements.


Font Awesome Twitter Bootstrap Social Icons

Font Awesome’s library of icons makes a plethora of additional icons readily available to you. As soon as you hover or click over an icon, a special animation is triggered, which transforms the icon into a circle instead of the square it was before. To an existing dynamic and engaging website, it may be a fun new feature to put on.


Bootstrap 5 Footer Template Component

A website’s footer acts as extra navigation and is an essential aspect of the design. A strong footer is especially important for large sites with a lot of connections and pages. Because the official documentation for Bootstrap does not include a Footer component, we’ve put together an incredible collection of free attractive footer themes that are sure to impress. They’re all mobile-friendly and work with Bootstrap 5, the most recent version of the framework.



We narrowed our search for buttons and icons to only four after looking at a big number of them on the web. There are so many options in this collection that you won’t have a hard time finding one that fits your needs. Additionally, you may customize their design and brand them to match your business and website.