Web design and development in HoReCa

Before learning about HoReCa web services, let’s understand what HoReCa is. HoReCa is a well-known business phrase that refers to a subset of the food service industry, specifically restaurants that prepare and serve food and beverages. The term is a syllabic acronym for Hotel and Restaurant Cafe/Catering.

Catering establishments, b2b products providers, items for resale at HoReCa places of sale, producers of these goods, and marketing go-betweens are all part of the HoReCa commerce channel. In most cases, HoReCa is a specialized channel utilized to grow a brand’s market presence and develop a company image. Web dev in HoReCa essentially is the development of websites and applications for different companies in this sector.

Best web technologies in HoReCa

  1. Solutions for management software

HoReCa professionals improve your operations, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and data flow by conducting professional analyses.

  1. Multi-application networks on the web and mobile devices

You can use a web or mobile multi-application network if you own a hotel or restaurant business. There is no longer a need to design a distinct platform for every company; instead, create a unified network and reap the benefits.

  1. Apps for delivery

For an unforgettable delivery experience, provide your customers with secure contactless delivery of items with different payment choices. Allow your customers to follow their orders on a map in real-time.

  1. Reservations systems

HoReCa web development specialists know how to create a booking system that is both user-friendly and highly easy to operate and one with unique features.

  1. CRM and ERP software

Streamline your warehouse accounting procedure, keep track of product expiry dates, and manage your suppliers.

  1. Point of Sale software

Provide quick and efficient sales by reducing the time it takes to place an order, calculate the price, and deliver the product.

HoReCa web development trends

  • With quick data retrieval, tag categorization, and streamlined search, advanced AI speeds up application data analysis. As a result, it is evident which goods are in higher demand for this specific supermarket and how HoReCa busines may improve sales further.
  • Microservices are a type of application architecture that consists of a set of interconnected services that facilitate development.
  • Containers as a virtualization strategy increase server capacity, allowing a company to host several computers with various operating systems on a single physical server. 

Process of website development in HoReCa

  1. First of all, plan the app’s functionality. At this point, you should establish specific objectives for your restaurant app.
  2. After that, do UX design and research. Users will engage with the program more quickly because of user-friendly navigation and beautiful design.
  3. Then move on to coding and testing. The program’s logic should be straightforward so that consumers do not have to go through countless pages looking for a button to place an online order. After completing the project, you’ll need to go through the beta testing stage.

Further assistance will be provided by developers regularly. Don’t forget about feedback and make sure that customers can submit reviews in the mobile app itself and on the platform where it was downloaded.