You’ve been working so hard to make your mark on this world, everything is prepared and you are ready to finally have the impact that you’ve been dreaming of since you started all this.

Your vision is clear, your products are by far among the “top quality” items, but you lack something that’s so important nowadays: a good name for your brand. The thing is, in the last few years, so many new businesses have been started, that it’s getting harder and harder to truly create something with potential of becoming a brand rather than just a business.

We’ve been searching online and came across this smart tool from Wix, called Business Name Generator, which offers a great variety of name ideas, based on your needs and wishes.  A powerful name is your company’s footprint in the world, so take your time until you consider which one suits you best.

In the competitive landscape of today’s global branding agencies, standing out is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Turning your business into a brand is a strategic move that can elevate your company’s presence, build customer loyalty, and create a lasting impact. So, we’ve given it a try to see if it’s really worth it. Check out our review and test it for yourself!

What is Business Name Generator?

Developed by Wix, the brand name generator is a tool that completes the whole Wix package for creating a successful business. Introduced as a missing puzzle piece, the brand name generator is a creativity booster when it comes to choosing an appropriate name for your company. All you have to do is write a few words that best describe your business and let the app delight you with stunning ideas.

How to pick the best name for your Company using Wix’s Brand Name Generator? Consider the following tips:

  • The magical number: 3

Write 3 words that best describe your business. Choose carefully, because those three words are the aces up your sleeve. Ask yourself these questions before considering which 3 words are the most descriptive of your company:

  • What inspired you to create the business?
  • Why are your products/offerings better than what’s already on the market?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Use power words

Power words are words of impact. They are usually found in news titles and are meant to induce a certain feeling. Let’s say that you own a business and you want to introduce your products to the audience. How should you name your business in order to make an impact? There are two things to be considered:

  1. how you want people to feel when they read your company’s name
  2. the actual context and how your product will change people’s lives

Words such as “safe” and “home” will create a feeling of coziness and security, while words like “adventure” or “freedom” will make the reader already feel the adrenaline rush that your company is about to offer (considering you own a business in the travel industry).

A catchy phrase that is meaningful for your company will also help people easily recognize you.

  • Less is more!

Everyone knows that a long or sophisticated name has a tendency to be considered either boring or hard to read, and people run from complications. So try to focus on what your business has to offer. In a world which is moving fast towards minimalism, the shorter your name, the more impactful it will be.

Stay simple and smart, but not superficial! The best way to keep a balance is to emphasize what inspired you to create your business as compact as possible.

  • Compare ideas

If you feel creative or have a boost of imagination and came out with your own idea for a name, but you are not sure whether it’s the right one, you can always compare your insight with the concepts offered by Wix’s brand name generator. It costs you nothing to make sure that you are taking your business on the best path.

  • Strategic thinking

Think of it like a chess game: the smarter your move, the sooner you win. You should visualize your choice from every angle and get an overview of what you wish to create.

For example, if you own a local business and you wish to “make a name” online, you should consider using your location as a mean to draw the attention of the audience. Remember Sherlock Holmes and the worldwide known 221B Baker Street? That’s the impact that you want to create for your business and Wix’s business name generator is kindly waiting to help you do so.

Our Verdict

With all of the above being said, the business name generator definitely gets a YES from us. Choosing a name is an important matter since it will be influential to your potential clients. We all know that first impressions have the most powerful impact, so basically, choosing your name is like choosing your company’s future. Fortunately enough, you’re not alone in this battle anymore with this tool created by Wix.