Developing a WordPress website or blog can be one of the most rewarding things you do to build your digital presence. As soon as you decide to start a WordPress website, you will come across thousands of themes pretty quickly. It is better to go with premium options because sometimes choosing a poor WordPress theme may blow your website completely. There are number of online sites available that offers plenty of voucher codes for web services so you can buy your favourite WordPress theme at a fraction of the cost. But, before you head over to buy, check these five important things to choose the right WordPress theme for your website.


A responsive website refers to a theme that seamlessly adjust itself according to the device it is accessed. If you have your eyes on a particular theme and haven’t checked it for responsiveness, then do it right away. They all say their themes are super fast, responsive and work flawlessly on any device, but it is suggested that you check it yourself. It is must for a website to display well on any device and any web browser.

Search Engine Friendly

For any website to get more organic exposure, it is must to make it search engine friendly. The majority of WordPress themes claim to be SEO-friendly, meaning they are designed keeping SEO coding practices in mind. No matter what your website’s main objective is, you should never go for a theme that is not SEO optimised. There are many SEO factors that can affect your ranking, so a poorly designed theme can significantly hurt your SEO.

Cross Browser Compatibility

People use a lot of web browsers to access the internet, therefore, a theme should be compatible to work on all the web browsers. The way the user experiences the site could possibly change based on how your theme adapts with particular browsers. Often WordPress theme creators check cross-browser compatibility themselves and put the outcomes in the description. However, you can check the theme’s compatibility on your own using certain tools.

Around the Clock Support

‘Support’ may not be included in the theme’s content, but it is one of the important factors to consider while buying a theme. The customer support from the creator can sort out all your problems if you are faced with any issues. It also saves your time and money to hire someone else to fix your problems. The support team may also teach you new stuff and give you tips on how to make the most out of your theme.

Regular Updates

WordPress itself is consistently updated to provide its users with the best browsing experience. Along with WordPress, it is also necessary for a theme to receive updates in order to run flawlessly. So, before you settle for a theme, check for the latest update and the updates that are expected to come in the near future. Bugs and glitches could affect even the best theme, but as long as there are chances of getting it patched, they are not an issue. The history of updates will help you know that proper attention is being given to make sure it remains compatible.